Work from Home Internet Speeds: Top 5 Fastest & Slowest States


Remote work has become a reality for countless people, despite how some companies feel about it. Overall, it’s been a net benefit for employees and the companies they work for. It’s no surprise, then, that remote work will become increasingly more prominent over the next few years.

There’s one chink in that, however, not all areas having adequate internet access for workers. At best, they might be more unproductive than they used to be and mightn’t be able to do their job as effectively as anyone likes. 

Faster internet speeds mean remote workers can transfer files, access internal documents, and perform similar tasks with ease. Below average speeds, however, make this much more of a chore than others. Some states are better than others, with internet speeds varying drastically from one to another.

Maryland and New Jersey rank some of the better places to live for internet speeds, with Alaska and Mississippi being some of the slowest. Quite a few factors can have an impact on the performance remote workers can expect, however.

Fiber internet cables perform much faster than their traditional counterparts, for example. This isn’t available everywhere, however, with more rural areas not having the infrastructure needed to install this. That’s where the likes of satellite internet connections come in.

While these offer easy access to the internet for any rural remote workers, it’s notoriously slower than fiber and similar options. If you’re a remote worker, you might want to keep this in mind when choosing where to work from and what type of internet connection to get.

The infographic below highlights the states with the fastest and slowest internet speeds, among other details you need to know.

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