Using Your Mom Skills for a New Chapter in Life


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You may not even know it, but your mom skills can help you out in business. As a mom, you always need to manage time, and there you already have the communication skills that most employers look for. So, if you think your time as a mom was wasted, consider these examples.

Transferable Skills for a New Job

There are many things you do as a mom, and over the years, you have honed some of these skills into fine art. For example, household chores require knowledge of cleansers, chemicals, and the safe use thereof. Meaning you are almost an expert cleaner. And the time spent preparing meals for your children each and every day has given you some of the skills needed for working at a catering company. Most of the things you learned as a mom are transferable.

Managing Your Time

Being a mom means balancing many tasks at once. And while it was hard at first, you probably got the hang of it after a while. And the most crucial way to balance tasks is time management. Moms are superpowered when it comes to time management. All those laundry days, making meals for your kids, and getting them to classes means you can balance tasks under pressure. This is a vital skill that any employer would want when you apply for a job at their company.

Mom Skills Include Unexpected Challenges

Throughout your kids’ lives, there are many unexpected crises you have to deal with. Getting sick, cuts and grazes, and even comforting them through things like bullying. All of these have given you invaluable experience in dealing with unexpected situations when they arise. And this means you have the skills to meet unplanned challenges, something an employer will always consider when looking at your application. So make sure to include examples when applying.

Ingenious Communication Skills

One of the most sought-after skills for employment is excellent communication skills. In fact, over 80% of employers place this high on the list when looking for new employees. As a mom, you already have the skills you need for this, from teaching your kids how to talk to dealing with other moms and teachers at their school. This also extends into being able to influence people in a polite and passive manner, as well as convincing people and negotiating skills.

Planning and Managing Events

You can use apps today for project management and collaboration. But there is no substitute for having these personal skills on your next application and CV. Every birthday party, holiday dinner, and family vacation is a project. And over the years, you have developed this into quite the skill. This also ties into your excellent time management skills as a mom. And with these combined, there is no reason any employer wouldn’t consider you for a role at their company. 


Mom’s skills are skills like no other. You may not even realize that what you do can help you get a job. There are many transferable skills, such as cooking and cleaning. But you also have some skills that are required at work, such as time, communication, and project management.

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