How to Teach Kids About Dental Hygiene: Fun (FREE) Activities!


Starting healthy habits young is essential to helping kids grow up happy and healthy. Simple tasks like brushing your teeth, seeing the dentist, and flossing are critical to a child’s overall health and wellbeing. Children with untreated cavities, for instance, often experience pain and infections which can make it difficult to eat nutritious food, speak clearly, socialize and learn in school. As they get older, they may also be at a higher risk for conditions like cardiovascular disease, certain types of cancer, respiratory and digestive problems, and other conditions., an online marketplace for dental savings plans, has launched a new, completely FREE activity book aimed at helping families teach their children about dental hygiene and oral health in a fun, engaging way.

The activity book includes three different activities. Here’s what’s inside:

Healthy Smiles Coloring Book

As you color, find answers to common questions, such as:

  • How often should I take my child to the dentist?
  • How long do they need to brush for?
  • Tips for flossing
  • And more!

Word Search

A fun way to learn dental words!

Tooth Fairy Origami

Make losing baby teeth more fun!

Children can create an origami envelope to place their tooth in, before putting it under their pillow for the tooth fairy to collect.

Download your free activity book today! is committed to helping raise a healthy generation of children through education on the importance of oral health. Families can maximize the activity books’ impact by doing the activities together and discussing how to apply the advice in their everyday routine.

If you don’t have a pediatric or family dentist, can help you find a dentist and explore ways to lower the cost with a dental savings plan.

Dental savings plans are an affordable alternative to traditional dental insurance that can provide plan members with discounts of 10-60% on most dental procedures, including braces, filings and more, for the whole family. 

Learn more and Download Your Free Activity Book using the link above!

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Willie G Harley Jacket

Hello, I read this nice article. I think You put a best effort to write this perfect article. I appreciate your work. thank you so much.

Claudia Krusch

Such a fun coloring book! Thank you for sharing it!

poppy playtime

Truly, this article is really one of the very best in the history of articles. I am a antique and I sometimes read some new articles if I find them interesting. And I found this one pretty fascinating and it should go into my collection.

Jonas Muller
Jonas Muller

The discussion is on how to teach kids about dental hygiene. Starting healthy habits young is essential for helping kids to grow up healthy and happy. Should teach them to start to brush. Listening to the dentist and flossing may be very critical for a kid and overall for his health, kids with an untreated cavity can make pain and affect their eating food. it can affect their study also.