Extra-Tough Tech That Stays Safe in Little Hands


Many modern gadgeteers have suffered the consequences of a phone drop, which frequently results in coming face-to-face with a cracked screen, scrambling for a bag of rice for drying maneuvers or even worse. There aren’t many things more maddening to someone who has just invested their earnings in something that has been visibly and functionally damaged.

Whether you have children that are likely to get hold of your devices, you have small hands yourself or you simply put your gear through the rigors of daily life or rugged athletic pursuits, you need gear, devices, and gadgets that are up to the task at hand, no matter how small those hands may be.

If you have been repeatedly frustrated, disappointed or flat-out devastated by devices that aren’t the right fit for your overloaded hands, take a look at three extra-tough options that, even if they don’t fit your hands perfectly, can take an occasional drop, bump or dip.

1. Bring Your Best Flash Drive

Sometimes leaving your laptop at home makes good sense when you know you will have easy access to a computer at your destination. However, like most of us, you need your files once you arrive. Just think of how light your bag will be! But have you ever tried to hold onto these things? Even though they are small, fitting easily into small hands, it is still tricky keeping them safe from the elements or simple drops.

Meet the handy and hands-friendly Corsair Flash Survivor flash drive, which offers incredibly rugged protection for your crucial files that you need at your fingertips. Encased in an anodized aircraft-grade aluminum housing, this flash drive is also waterproof to 200 meters.

2. Pick Up an Indomitable Smartphone

Today’s smartphones are often our lifeline to work, family, social functions and much more, so it is essential that we keep them up, running and fully functional. The trick is finding a brand, model and focus on the perfect combination of durability, function, and a fun, attractive and friendly design.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 may tick all the boxes to fill your sharp and durable smartphone needs, starting with its beautiful construction and brilliant 5.8″ display on the world’s first Infinity Screen. Enjoy the personal security of facial recognition that locks and unlocks with a single look. If you frequently find yourself precariously close to water, never fear, the Samsung Galaxy S8 has an IP68 water-resistance rating to keep your mobile safe from splashes, dunks, and dribbles.

3. Get a Solid Grip on a Rough and Tumble Phablet

You may need something extra tough for trips to the construction site and other spots where you may need to get a bit more down and dirty. The Panasonic Toughpad FZ-X1 is too small to be considered a tablet at 5″, but it is more than a smartphone. Either way, this hybrid piece that fits neatly into just about any size hands is true to its name, as it can easily survive a 10-foot fall onto concrete. The price tag on this device is just as steep, starting at $1,799, but if your work takes you to perilous places, it may be the right fit.

These technology offerings and others can help keep your gear in perfect working order, long past the warranty expiration.


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