Conquering Student Burnout


For many high school students, the second half of the school year can be a true challenge to survive. Upon their return from winter break, it can be hard to get back in the swing of things. Add in the additional factor of the sluggishness of the winter season, and study habits often become lax, grades can slip, and students can find themselves in a true period of burnout. They’re also in the thick of SAT and ACT testing season, which can pile on the stress. Parents are often at a loss as to how to help them fight their way back to finish out the school year strong. However, with a little self-care and some help from online tutoring sites like Winward Academy, students can conquer school burnout and get back on top of their game.

Cut Back on Extra Curricular Activities

For students who are college-bound, extracurriculars can be very important to getting into the “right” schools or qualifying for scholarships. However, when there is simply too much on their plates, those helpful and enriching activities are anything but. If your student is feeling overwhelmed, it’s time to take a serious look at their extracurricular schedule and see what needs pruning. Cut out some of their extras that they don’t love or that don’t serve a purpose, freeing up some extra time that they can use to catch up on their studies or simply to take some time for themselves. It’s also far more important that they show a deep interest in fewer, more focused activities than just being members of multiple clubs.

Make Time for Friends

Social time is absolutely important for high school aged students. They need that time to recharge, refresh, connect with their friends, and have a little fun. Though school work and grades are important, when a child isn’t getting the social interaction they need with their peers, burnout is inevitable and their mental health can suffer because of it. Help your child to organize their schedule so that they can make the time they need, then keep an eye to be sure that they’re following through.

Look For a Little Academic Help

Good study habits are a great way to prevent student burnout long before it starts. When students are well prepared and in the habit of staying on top of homework, studying, and other responsibilities, they will feel less stressed about their schoolwork. However, sometimes students are faced with challenging classes or are trying to cram to get ready for a big test like the SAT or ACT. Finding tutoring options and SAT/ACT prep classes will be a step in the right direction that they need to boost their confidence and help keep grades up to their potential.

Winward Academy’s online SAT and ACT preparation courses can help them to feel confident and prepared, rather than stressed and burned out. Additionally, they offer a Mathematics Mastery course that can give them the tools they need throughout the school year. Courses are designed by an adolescent learning expert, with a customized approach for each student to help identify their needs for maximum effectiveness.

While student burnout can be a serious issue, students and parents can work together to alleviate or even prevent the problem. It just takes a little careful schedule planning, a dedication to self-care, and having the right educational team in your corner.

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Shannan Powell is a mom of 3 boys, who has worked from home as a freelance writer and blogger since the birth of her middle son. Her spare time is spent volunteering with her son's swim team, reading, and binge watching random shows on Netflix.

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College Life Network

As a student get enrolled in the desire college he/she is unaware of the college life and how to survive a college life as college is not as same as higher school, but now many online websites are working and helping student in there education so they can survive college life and can accomplish there goals and can easily settled down.


I love this article. As a student for many years, I experienced all of these things, it’s so helpful to learn how to combat them and that I’m not alone.

Danielle Wolter

I feel like these work for non-students as well. Always got to remember that self care!


Students work so, so hard. It is really important to take a bit of time out from studying otherwise they just get so exhausted.


this is such a helpful post and i love all the suggestions!


I totally agree with this! They need time for themselves or at least take a break a refresh their mind! Great post!


Amazing Tips! It’s so easy to burn out as a student. I recently had to take a break from my grad studies because I was overwhelmed with life and didn’t want to do terrible in school. Thanks for sharing these tips!

Claire Lee
Claire Lee

These are definitely good tips! It’s not good if you overwhelm yourself on academics! It’s great to pace yourself and go easy at times.

Agnes Vazhure
Agnes Vazhure

I totally agree with this article. As a students for many years. It is really important to have a moral support from our family to help us to understand why schooling is very important and to help students in their studies.


Burnout is so common, especially among overworked teens. Being mindful of its possibility is a great start to avoiding it.


When I was in college I experienced burn out so many times. Thank you for sharing your tips.

Alexandra Cook
Alexandra Cook

Going to school is really important but we nees to stress ourself too much. Sometimes is is better to take for yourself.

Sania Ahmed
Sania Ahmed

A balance of everything is a must for a student life.

Kisha Stewart-Harris

Student burnout is definitely real. It waited to hit me until my senior year of college, but when it did, I wasn’t good for much of anything. I found that taking a lot of breaks and socializing helped, but It was a hard time for a while.


Great article


My niece is in high look.I see her facing these problem.some great tips .I will share with her


I loved reading your helpful ideas. Some of the incidents are so very common in each one of us.

Abu Zaid

Some of words that you have been on this blog are correctly true. Thank you for share about this


This is all great advice! I think it is so important to make sure that students don’t get too drained and make time for themselves and friends. Thanks for sharing!

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Dog Blaze

Yes ,its is important question of that days the over load of study make the student depress. They are the vitamins of the illness. Social time is absolutely important for high school aged students. They need that time to recharge, refresh, connect with their friends, and have a little fun.

Dog Blaze

Yes ,its is important question of that days the over load of study make the student depress. They are the vitamins of the illness. Social time is absolutely important for high school aged students. They need that time to recharge, refresh, connect with their friends, and have a little fun.

Adeline Segrest
Adeline Segrest

Burnout of students occurs for many reasons. Students are poorly nourished and sleepy, so they lack energy. Teachers set a lot of tasks, which leads to an overload of the head. Essay writing source will help you with any essays. A very large load leads to the fact that you just lose the desire to study.

happy wheels

Thanks for your sharing. Hope you can contribute more quality posts to this page. Thank you!


Wonderful article.


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College students work so toughly. It’s miles actually essential to take a chunk of time out from reading in any other case they simply get so exhausted. I recently had to take a smash from my grad research because I was crushed with lifestyles and didn’t need to do terribly in school.

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Suvh a really great post i’ve ever got on the life of students.

Tom Lendis
Tom Lendis

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Being a student nowadays is rather challenging. One needs a lot of time in order to complete all those tasks. I know that from my own experience. I appreciate reading this material. Thank you so much.

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