6 Lingerie Items to Pack for Your Summer Beach Vacation


Summer is practically here, which means you may be eyeing a trip to the beach. Along with beachwear essentials, such as dresses, shorts, and swimsuits, you should also take time to consider which lingerie pieces will serve you well during your excursion. 

Sure, you want to look your best during vacation, but comfort is also crucial. Beach vacations provide the perfect opportunity to unwind and let you forget about all of life’s ups and downs. Accordingly, here are a few lingerie essentials to take along on your trip. 

Comfortable T-Shirt Bra

When it comes to bras, comfort and support are non-negotiable. To this end, a t-shirt bra offers the very best of both worlds. You’ll love the flattering look of this no-nonsense bra while also enjoying its unbelievable comfort. This is a great everyday bra, as it appears all but invisible under your clothes. It also effectively smooths out your silhouette to ensure you turn heads during your beach vacation. 

Cotton Thong

Thongs are super sexy but have a reputation for being uncomfortable. Fortunately, a cotton thong will give you a whole new perspective on underwear for women. Cotton thongs can provide the sexy look that a beach vacation demands, without the issues normally associated with wearing a thong. You can also choose from a variety of awesome colors and styles, including super-sexy lace. 

Comfort Stretch Cami

In addition to lingerie, you’ll also need some lounge wear for your beach trip. The comfort stretch cami has you covered, as it’s a versatile and stylish selection. The design of this cami allows it to move along with your body, which makes it ideal for layering. And if you’re dealing with a particularly hot and humid day, this cami is perfect all on its own when you’re hanging out in the hotel room. 

Perfect Coverage Bra

The right support is crucial for women with larger breasts. However, lots of larger bras don’t offer the look and style you prefer, especially when on vacation. The perfect coverage bra has so much to offer when it comes to style, but you’ll also fall in love with the comfort of the fit. It also offers ample support under your clothes, which is crucial when it comes to tight-fitting attire. And if you can’t find the right selection in the style of bra you prefer, you can find a 34dd bra size equivalent by calculating your sister size. 


If you’re looking for more coverage but can’t say no to style, a boyshort is the ideal underwear option for you. Along with comfort and support, boyshorts also help eliminate pesky panty lines that can ruin the look of your attire. They’re also great for making your waist look taut and toned, which means you’ll look amazing in dresses, jeans, and so much more. 

The right selection of lingerie will make you feel incredible about yourself, while also allowing you to achieve maximum rest and relaxation. These components are crucial for an enjoyable beach vacation, whether you’re going with friends, a romantic partner, or just flying solo. 

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