2021 Easter Gift Guide

Inspired Indigo:

These Confidence Building Tags by Inspired Indigo are absolutely stunning. Engraved on aluminum tags with wire cable keychain also make them modern. You can hang them from a keychain, rearview mirror, backpack, sports bag, luggage, zipper, and more! You can purchases in sets of three. And there are a few different colors to choose from Verses read:

The Mantra Pack features 3 positive intentions engraved on aluminum tags – choose 1 or all 3! The verses read: Warm, welcoming heart Clear, open mind, Positive, and humble attitude.

The Encouragement Pack features 3 supportive phrases engraved on aluminum tags – choose 1 or all 3! Life is tough (but so are you) You are the strongest person I know, You can do hard things.

And my personal favorite, The Confidence Pack features 3 positive intentions engraved on aluminum tags which I selected in the color blue reads Hustle, Dream, and Believe..

The tags measure: 1.125” x 2” tag with approx. 1.5” diameter wire cable keychain and are available in a variety of colors.

Stuff these inspiring tags in someone’s Easter basket or Easter card this year. 

Available at Inspired Indigo

This Girl Can and She Will

Give your daughter, or granddaughter encouragement, empower her to aspire to reach for the stars. Remind her often that no matter how big her dreams may be, she can achieve them. At This Girl Can and She Will, leads by example with their fabulous line of girl power beach towels, hoodies and t-shirts. Be sure to grab one for the girl in your life this Easter, she we thank you for believing in her.

I absolutely love this Presidential Aspirations Beach Towel,  The Girls Run The World towel is awesome too. 

Available at This Girl Can and She Will



Looking for the best holiday gift to surprise a nerdy friend? This 500-piece puzzle HIDEAWAY from Cloudberries should do the trick. Take a breather from all the stress and hassle with the fuzzy shades of pastel blue and lukewarm greens of this jigsaw from a sustainable brand that plants a tree for every puzzle sold. This puzzle’s vacation vibe should really capture the holiday cheer for its receiver. The best part is that it serves lots of purposes – a fun game to play with loved ones, a nice holiday surprise, and even something to frame and hang on your living room wall. This is a highly recommended puzzle especially for those new to puzzling – it’s not that taxing to finish and it’s soothing to the eyes. HIDEAWAY is even professionally made by UK studio Printer Johnson who also designed another fun Cloudberries puzzle called ROOSTER. This is your chance to get that best gift ever, head on to the Cloudberries shop and order a box!

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Available at Cloudberries



If you’re looking to customize Easter Basket this year, Adventure Town Toys has something for every age group.  It defiantly makes putting Easter Baskets together much easier! 

6-8 year old:

Tote – ISREAL – $5

Eco-Grass – USA – $2

Eco-Egg – USA – $0.59

Unicorn Puppets – ENGLAND – $9

DIY Flower Necklace – NETHERLANDS – $9

Retro Bike Bell – FRANCE – $15

Mystery Miniature Tea Set – JAPAN – 6

For a 13-15 year old:

Tote – ISREAL – $5

Eco-Grass – USA – $2

Eco-Eggs – USA – $1.20

Micropuzzle – SPAIN – $10

Pixio Surprise Creatures – UKRAINE – $6

Lollicopter – USA – $15

Cookie Puzzle Eraser – JAPAN – $1

16 – 18 year old:


Eco-Grass – USA

Eco-Egg – USA

Mini Customizable Journal – CANADA – $12

Unicorn Pen – JAPAN – $2

Dandy Candy Scented Highlighters – USA – $6

Sassy Cat – Pen Holder – JAPAN – $8

Sani Moist®

A Revolutionary Cream Based 2 in 1 Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

Alcohol Free, Antibacterial Protection for the Entire Family – Cruelty Free

New to the market, SaniMoist® Moisturizing Cream Based Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer, perfect for Mom, Dad and the Kids. Sanimoist® is the Amazon #1 New Release in Lotions and Hand Creams. SaniMoist® 2 IN 1 Moisturizing Cream Based Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs, while the soothing lotion hydrates and softens your skin.  It is free from parabens and formulated to meet the preferences of highly discerning consumers.  Premium ingredients such as pure plant-based coconut glycerin, aloe vera, vitamin E, mint leaf, lavender, and rosemary make them suitable for even sensitive skin and a great alternative to alcohol-based hand sanitizers or traditional hand creams. Toss in your purse, kids backpacks and car so the family has sanitized and soft hands.

Available on Amazon.

Shark Bite

Shark Bite

Get ready to have a REEL-y good time when you play Shark Bite! Place the fun and colorful sea creatures into the game unit with a snap, and grab your friends to start playing. Players take turns rolling the die and fishing for the sea creatures using the fishing rods. But watch out – you never know when the shark is going to bite! This battery-free game will have kids hooked at first bite! Made by the o-FISH-cial creators of Let’s Go Fishin’. Includes 1 hungry shark, 12 colorful sea creatures, 2 fishing rods, 1 die, 1 sticker sheet, and complete easy-to-follow instructions.

Available at Amazon

Hope For The Warriors

Who doesn’t love coffee that gives back?

Victor Allen’s Coffee has joined hands with the national military nonprofit, Hope For The Warriors to support military families. For each box of Hope For The Warriors coffee purchased, Victor Allen’s Coffee contributes a portion of the sales to support military families. Available K-Cup blends include donut shop, morning and dark roast.

Hope For The Warriors programs support service members, veterans and military families through a comprehensive approach to well-being focusing on clinical health and wellness, sports and recreation and transition.

To purchase coffee, visit Amazon or Victor Allen Coffee.

The Easter Bunny’s Present Hunt

Did the Easter Bunny come to visit? Of course! All the animal homes are filled with presents! From chocolate chickens to eggs, and chocolate cars to cakes. But can you find all the surprises? The Easter Bunny’s Present Hunt is a seek-and-find book that takes readers through the Easter Bunny’s chocolate factory and then on a quest to find the presents he has hidden. It’s interactive, beautifully illustrated, and all-around fun!

Available at Amazon and Calivs Publishing

The Boy and The Egg

“An incredibly charming story about discovery, research, and the power of curiosity in young people.”

A boy finds an abandoned egg and decides to take care of it .He wonders what is growing inside. Could it be the friend he has in mind? A sweet story about caring and dealing with expectations. For children ages 4 and up,
and for everyone who’s curious!

Available at Amazon and Calivs Publishing

Luke and Lottie. It’s Easter!

It’s Easter! Luke and Lottie are going to an Easter egg hunt at the farm. Daddy is dressed up as an Easter Bunny. And Luke and Lottie are dressed up as bunnies too! They look in the henhouse, in the meadow, and in the bunny hutch. Easter egg hunts are so much fun!

A sweet and recognizable story about celebrating Easter together. For children ages 3 years and up

Available at Amazon and Calvis Publishing

Happy Easter

Away in the woods is a little house. That’s where the Easter Bunny lives, in the middle of a clearing. As spring begins and Easter approaches, a very busy period starts for the Easter Bunny!

A simple Easter story with cheerful illustrations, for children ages 3 and up.

Available At Amazon and Calvis Publishing