Meta: Check out the very best How Well Do You Know Me questions into a fun little package. Read through our list and find out just how well your loved ones know each other.

Finding out how much a loved one really knows about you can be great fun in the right setting. The next time that you’re planning a gathering, pop a bottle of merlot and bust out these how well do you know me questions for family and friends. Make sure that you’re prepared not to take the answers too seriously, and make sure that everyone is ready to be as honest as possible. A lot of these can double newlywed game questions so feel free to break this game on your next couples’ date night.

The best way to start a game of how well do you know me questions for family is by asking some everyday knowledge questions. These aren’t incredibly personal but you do have to have a little insight in order to answer them correction. To keep it light you could answer YES or NO to these questions to ask family members but we suggest adding a layer of fun. Instruct the contestants to elaborate. Instead of simply answering YES to a questions like “Did I have a dog growing up?”, require the name or breed of the dog before it’s an acceptable poing.

What do my parents do for a living?

Get extra points by adding the name of the company they work for or where they went to school to your answer.

What was my favorite subject in school?

Bonus points for naming the teacher of the subject or a favorite presentation or assignment related to the subject.

Have I ever gone camping?

Add something specific like the name of the sleepaway camp, national park, or theme (Space Camp for example) camp that they went to.

Do I know how to start a fire?

Name when they first started the fire or a time you saw them do it.

Can I change a tire on a car?

Site a time where they had to prove that did, or tried and proved that they can’t.

What is my favorite chips flavor?

Not just the flavor, name the brand too.

Do I think that GMO’s are good or bad?

Whether the answer is YES or NO, have the contestant explain why.

The second set of questions to ask family for this game dig a little deeper. They require a personal connection and a significant amount of time spent together. Being able to answer family questions like “What was my favorite Saturday morning cartoon?” means you either would have had to watch the cartoon with the individual or it would have had to come up naturally over many conversations.

Have I ever performed on stage?

If you’re playing with family, questions about family are a little too easy. Make sure contestants include the name of the play you were in or the band you performed with.

Which is my favorite cereal?

Most cereals have a jingle or mascot that go along with it. Ask contestants to name them when they give their answer.

Which is my favorite food?

Make family question games more fun be adding where his/her favorite place to get this food.

If I could lock up a person in a madhouse, who would I pick?

Naming the person is a pretty strong indication that the contestant knows you well. If it’s a well-known person, have the contestant name a time when you had an altercation with the individual.

What do I love that I would NEVER admit in public?

This one is difficult enough to answer. No elaboration required.

Did I play any sports when I was growing up?

Name the team and/or position that they played.

Have I ever dyed my hair?

Name the color and the age.

If I could get on a plane to anywhere in the world, where would I go?

Add what they would do there or the reason they chose the destination to these questions to ask your family.

If I could travel back in time where would I go?

Complete your answer with who they would meet or what they would do while they’re there.

If I were at home on a rainy Sunday afternoon, what movie would I like to watch?

For bonus points, add how many times they’ve watched this movie.

These questions are intended to ask your family during your next game night. But, you may have noticed that this is very similar to the Newlywed Game from the 60’s. You can ask these same questions to close friends as well as your fiancé to see just how much you know about each other. Feel free to come up with some of your own questions, and make sure to customize them to how long you’ve know each other. Have Fun!

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